About Us

Jason Banack is the principal of HGA Law, practicing with a team of qualified support staff. 

Practice Philosophy

After practicing for six years at a large national firm, I decided to seek the challenge of starting a new firm alongside my friends in the HGA Group.  The culture of this office appeals to my entrepreneurial spirit, and I enjoy being able to relate to the experiences of my clients who have started (or are planning to start) their own businesses. What I enjoy most about practicing law at HGA is collaborating with clients on how to achieve their strategic business objectives. There are few, if any, issues that arise in business that are strictly questions of law, and my philosophy in practice is to provide legal advice only after having an in-depth discussion of what issue the client is trying to address, and why he or she believes legal advice is required. This approach ensures that the service provided always matches the need, and that there is an opportunity to collaborate on an appropriate solution.     

A big part of ensuring that the service provided always matches the need is starting each project with a brief, written assessment of the client’s business objectives, a description of the legal services to be provided at each phase of the project and, importantly, an estimate of fees to be incurred at each stage. This approach allows the client to assess value, and make an informed decision about what legal services are required in the circumstances. This up-front investment in developing a detailed scope of work and fee estimate is HGA Law’s competitive advantage in the Edmonton market.

About Jason

I grew up in south Edmonton with three siblings and a large, close-knit extended family. I am especially proud that my great-great grandfather, Stanislaus Banack, was the first Pole to homestead in Alberta, and that two of my uncles continue to farm there. I completed a business degree at the University of Alberta, and then a law degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. After finishing law school, I had the good fortune of enrolling in the same bar admission course as a lovely, quick-witted redhead, who became my wife and mother of our two energetic boys (with a third due at the end of April, 2017). Melissa and I are very excited to be working together at HGA Law. 

With a young family and a new law practice, I find that there are not many hours in the week for other pursuits, but, when I can spare the time, I like to take in a hockey game with friends over a few beers, or, at Melissa’s request, catch an episode of “The Bachelor” or join her for a jog.  

HGA Law is a law firm that is independent of HGA Chartered Professional Accountants and other members of the HGA Group.