Mergers and Acquisitions –  HGA Law advises clients on all facets of negotiating and closing transactions for the purchase and sale of businesses. In particular, HGA Law (i) assists clients to negotiate letters of intent, (ii) conducts legal due diligence, (iii) assists clients to negotiate definitive agreements, (iv) prepares ancillary closing documents executes closings and (v) attends to post-closing matters.

Construction – HGA Law advises clients on all facets of winning, negotiating and executing contracts for the procurement of products and services in the construction industry. HGA Law has particular expertise in assisting clients to win competitive tenders and can provide ongoing support to successfully execute contracts and limit exposure to fluctuations in pricing, schedule and scope of work.

General Corporate Commercial – HGA Law provides general corporate commercial services, which consist of all standard legal services necessary for the start-up and ongoing operation of a business. These include (i) incorporation, registration and organization (ex. business corporations, partnerships and professional corporations), (ii) preparation of constating and governance documents (ex. articles, bylaws, shareholder agreements and partnership agreements), (iii) capital raising (ex. bank financing and private equity), (iv) corporate reorganizations (ex. implementation of tax planning strategies) and (v) statutory compliance (ex. annual returns).

General Counsel – In circumstances where a client requires highly specialized legal services, HGA Law acts as general counsel and coordinates the completion of the project with an appropriate Edmonton-based referral firm. As general counsel, HGA Law adds value to projects by (i) ensuring that the referral firm develops an appropriate scope of work for the project, as well as a budget for or estimate of associated legal fees, (ii) ensuring that the referral firm provides “best value” advice, on budget and in a timely fashion and (iii) develops practical recommendations for the client to consider based on the advice provided by the referral firm and particular knowledge of the client’s business.

Estate Planning and Real Estate – It is often the case that clients seeking corporate legal services also require basic estate planning or real estate transaction counsel. HGA Law is able to either provide these services directly or coordinate them through an appropriate Edmonton-based referral firm.

HGA Law was founded by Jason Banack in January, 2017 with a view to serving its clients in collaboration with HGA Chartered Professional Accountants and the other members of the HGA Group. As an independent firm, HGA Law is first and foremost your trusted advisor, and is pleased to offer the synergies and cost-savings that result from having all of your professional advisors collaborating under one roof