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What we enjoy most about practicing at HGA Law is collaborating with clients on how to achieve their strategic business objectives. Your business is not just a number. Let’s work through our to-do list together and find out what works best for you.


Growing businesses need flexible support.  
Our team will advise and assist you so you can adapt your business as you grow. This approach ensures that the service provided always matches the need, and that there is an opportunity to collaborate on an appropriate solution.


There are few issues, if any, that arise in business that are strictly questions of law, and our philosophy in practice is to provide legal advice only after having an in-depth discussion of what issue the client is trying to address, and why he or she believes legal advice is required.

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HGA Law carries on a general corporate practice, with a specialty advising clients in the construction industry and those purchasing or selling businesses. Our approach to legal projects is to begin with an in-depth discussion of each client’s business objectives, and develop a detailed scope of work and fee estimate on that basis.

HGA Law prides itself on providing transparency in the legal process, including legal fees, and in completing client projects quickly and to an excellent standard.


HGA Law is a law firm that is independent of Howard Gardiner Associates and other members of the HGA Group